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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Guest appearance on episode 27 of Freethinking Island

I made an appearance on episode 27 of "Freethinking Island" a podcast committed to promoting the virtue of reason over faith. Below is an introduction written by the podcast co-creator David Ince.  

"Episode 27 of 'Freethinking Island' is up and ready for download. This week it was jazz and freethinking, as we had the pleasure of welcoming Andre Woodvine, leading Barbados and Caribbean jazz saxophonist to the 'island'.

It was fascinating to sit with Joy and listen to a person whose music we grew up hearing in Barbados, talk about his atheism and his personal background. Interestingly, Andre was also our first Barbadian guest to 'Freethinking Island' and he give us some details about his experience in Barbados surrounded by Christianity of all types.

Andre spent time talking about his family and gave some entertaining stories of how he has been able to get his children to think critically about the religious beliefs so prevalent around them. He also went on to reflect on the various reactions he has received in Barbados both personally and professionally as a result of being public about his atheism.

Andre as a guest, is every bit as 'cool' as the jazz he seems to play so effortlessly on his instrument. Listening to his personal story and his outlook on life is a great illustration of how a person can live an enormously happy and fulfilled life without belief in any God or higher power.

From a personal perspective, it was a thrill to have someone who I admired as a musician and who gave me so much inspiration to become a saxophonist myself, now giving support to myself and others in our efforts to promote freethinking in the Caribbean.

Hope you enjoy both the discussion and the music on this Episode. We open with a taste of 'Fix it on Monday' which is a sweet jazz track with a distinct Caribbean flavour. Make sure you listen right to the end of the episode as you get to hear the extent of Andre's musical range, with one of his most popular tracks, 'Citronella'.

You can download Episode 27 and all previous episodes from www.freethinkingisland.com, through iTunes or from the Blackberry podcast system. Don't forget to check out all of Andre's music on iTunes as well."

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