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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hungry in Copenhagen? Frida's Bodega to the rescue!

{Hi Davina Lee from St. Lucia - this one is for you :)}

During my recent trip to the World Music Expo in Copenhagen, I grew weary of guessing whether restaurants were good by counting the number of warm bodies I could see through the windows. Though my fellow Caribbean delegates and I shared many interesting dinners filled with merriment and enlightening discussions, our choices of eating establishments tended to be a bit of a shot in the dark. There was one Italian restaurant that was like a scene out of a Monty Python sketch. Guided by Steve Etienne of St. Lucia we sat at our table and were immediately bombarded by the sound of loud hammering. The management had decided that this would be a good time to replace some paneling above the bar area adjoining the dining room. As the overpowering, raucous hammering continued we struggled to contain our hysterics, suddenly realizing why perhaps we were the only patrons seated that night.

One evening in my hotel room I had a look on the internet (something I should have done from the start) and thanks to trip advisor, stumbled upon this absolute gem of a restaurant - Frida's Bodega.
I love pubs and pub food, I've always been a big fan of them whenever I visit family in Toronto,  The reviews for Frida's were excellent, so with a few fellow patient and hungry WOMEX delegates in tow I set out to find Frida's.
Fortunately it was located only a few minutes walk from our excellent first hotel Vesterbro. Unfortunately (or not depending on your point of view) our route took us past a xxx strip club which happens to be right next door to Fridas. Don't let that put you off - as I entered Frida's I was hit by a solid wall of the best home cooking smell I've ever met upon entering a restaurant. The decor was cozy, not far away from Harry Potter or the Hobbit (OK maybe my imagination is running overboard there).
We were welcomed in Danish and then in English. The selection on the menu (in English and Danish) was not extensive but the portions of food certainly were. I had a huge perfectly cooked piece of steak washed down with an excellent micro-brewed pint of beer - heaven!
The next night I returned for their pan-fried salmon with butter sauce, potatoes and vegetables washed down with more beer - wow! Their service was cheerful and excellent and the prices were reasonable especially considering the generous portions and wonderful flavors.
If I ever have the opportunity to visit Copenhagen again you will know where you can find me. Thanks Frida's!


  1. Hi Andre,
    I see you will be performing with Fall Fret on the 29th. They are an excellent group and I am sure you will enjoy performing with them at the very modern Atrium concert hall. Some photos of the gig would be nice on your blog.

  2. Hi Mark, Thanks for your comment. Yes I've enjoyed playing with Fal frett over the years. On this trip my official photographer will be in my entourage ;)so perhaps I will get some nice shots. It's certainly going to be a great milestone for Fal frett as they celebrate 35 years of making interesting music!

  3. haha i'm hungry now!!! the italian restaurant was a classic though! lol